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Many women are able to fall in love only if they themselves are loved. And vice versa, in order to fall in love, it is sometimes enough for them to show love. The girl looks at herself through the eyes of a man.

It happens that the girl you're crazy about doesn't show absolutely any feelings in response. Or, for example, you have just met and you already feel that this is "fate", and she does not even guess yet.

Girls are very vulnerable, so they often restrain their feelings, they are afraid to let them out if they are not sure that they will wait for reciprocity. Therefore, you will have to act first.

Falling in love with a girl is not as easy as it may seem. Therefore, here I will give some tips on how to charm a girl.

The first step in charming a girl is to make her notice you herself. Caution! Girls don't like very intrusive guys, so it's important not to overdo it here.

Stage 1 - preparation or "become a substitute"

1. Take your time. Haste in love usually does not lead to anything good. Therefore, act gradually, but do not slow down. It is important to understand what pace of life your chosen one has and follow it. So, for example, you should not confess your love as soon as you met. This will most likely scare the girl away. Have at least one date, preferably three.

2. Start a conversation. The first step is always the most difficult, but after it everything goes much easier. So first you should talk to a girl. Don't be sophisticated and don't invent an excuse, just come up and ask something ordinary, even about the weather. When the conversation starts, it will be much easier to continue.

3. Compliments. Remember that girls love to hear about how wonderful they are. It is not necessary to flatter and constantly praise her, but periodically noticing how her hairstyle or a new coat suits her is a great idea.

4. Be yourself. Don't show off, don't brag, but know your worth. Girls feel deception, so the best way to charm a girl is to be sincere and real.

5. Appearance. Remember that it is important for a girl to see a neat young man in front of her, so do not forget to monitor your appearance. A drop of toilet water won't hurt.

6. Education. At the meeting, show the girl your gallantry and manners. Be polite, open the door for her, give her a hand from the stairs. It's not worth turning into a medieval knight, but elementary gestures of decency have not harmed anyone yet.

Stage 2 - You and your achievements

1. Your life. Caring for a girl, do not forget that you have your own personal life. Do not accustom the girl to your constant presence, because sooner or later you will get bored. And worse, if she gets bored and loses interest in you. On the contrary, a girl will be interested in you if she sees that you have your own interesting and busy life, she will understand that you are not empty.

2. Uniqueness. Pay the girl's attention to your distinctive qualities. She needs to feel that you are special. To do this, unobtrusively show her your strengths. If you are an engineer, you can show your project. If you play football, invite her to practice or give her a ticket to the game.

3. Listen. This is one of the most important points. If you manage to give her attention and show that you are really interested in her (not only externally, but also her experiences, problems) - consider her yours.

4. Support. It is important to show the girl that you are worried about her, believe in her. So, for example, if she has a term paper, ask how things are going and express confidence that she will cope. If necessary, offer your help.

5. Rest. Don't forget to give the girl a break from you. Let him get bored. Take a break in your communication, but no longer than three days, so that she does not forget about you at all.

Stage 3 - the beginning of a romantic relationship or a "Date"

It is possible and necessary to follow the rules given above. However, if you only do this, you can stay in the friend zone forever. Therefore, as soon as you realized that the girl is ready, act.

1. Invite her. If you are not close enough and you are not sure of her feelings, then it is better to invite her unobtrusively, as if with a hint. For example: "there's a very interesting movie going on in the cinema right now, do you want to keep me company?"

2. Plan a date. Here you have two options and which one you choose depends on what your chosen one loves. Remember what she is like and think what she likes best:

- a simple and modest date. This kind of date will be a regular event. It can be a walk, a trip to the cinema or a cafe. It does not require much effort, but it is still better to decide in advance where you will go and what you will do;

- an original and memorable date. It will take a lot of work, but it's worth it. A girl will remember such a date for a long time. It can be a dinner in some unusual restaurant, a boat trip, rock climbing, etc. Here you will need to come up with an original idea and try to bring it to life.

3. On a date. During the first date, it is very important to show your warm feelings. Be attentive to the girl, make compliments, notice little things and take care.

4. Feelings. After a few dates, you should tell the girl about your feelings. If there is a convenient moment and you see that she is ready, you can say it directly. If you still doubt her feelings, you can say something like "I like spending time with you" or "I feel very good with you" and see her reaction. The girl will immediately understand what you mean and will become bolder.

5. Relationships. Even if everything goes smoothly and easily, you immediately fell in love and started dating, do not forget that relationships require strength and attention constantly, and not just at the first stage. Surprise the girl, listen to her, spend time with her. So that she always feels your care and is only more fascinated.

If, after all her efforts, she has not shown reciprocity, then it's just not your mate. Don't get upset and look around – there are still many wonderful and lovely girls in the world.
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Many guys, when asked how to please their girlfriend, do not think of anything other than how to give a bouquet of flowers. But there are a lot of these ways. You can read them at and choose from them what you can do. Thus, you will please her and show how much you love her.
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